We mainly selling Polyester Sewing Thread Embroidery Thread etc. And we are very competitive in the current market, the quality of our Thread/Yarn leading the country. The most important thing is that we base on client profit.

Thread/Yarn Description

There are many kinds of thread,including Polyester sewing thread,Polyester texture yarn,Polyester/Rayon embroidery thread,Cotton thread/Cotton sewing thread,High Tenciaty thred,Nylon/Nylon bonded thread.

The cotton is spun into yarn, generally after scutching, carding, drawing, roving, spinning and other major processes. For high-end products, yarns and threads also need to increase the combing process.
Cotton production of different requirements, to take different processing procedures, such as pure cotton yarn and cotton blended yarn spinning, due to the use of different raw materials, a variety of materials that have different physical properties, as well as product quality requirements are different, in the processing need to use different production processes.

1) using different raw materials: cotton yarn, pure chemical fiber yarn, cotton blended yarn type, wool blended yarn, shaped yarn and so on.

2) spinning in different ways: ring spun yarns, spun yarns, electrostatic spinning lines.

3) spinning process is different: carded yarn, combed yarn, peach wool yarn and so on.

4) twisting in different directions: handy twist (s twist) yarn, backhand twist (z yarn twist).

5) the use of different products: weaving yarn, knitting yarn, fleece yarn, rope yarn, fishing nets of yarn, cord yarn and so on.